Experience (Bass Ackwards)

Maybe you’ve experienced this particular situation, where the one who did you wrong is the only one who’s bitter. You’ve moved on, forgiven and forgotten, but they still insult you. And because you don’t respond to their bitter disrespect, they get even more angry and out of control. Hmm… what’s up with that? They don’t have anyone else to blame, so they panic and tantrum. I recognize it as typical backwards childish behavior. It’s nothing new, but still funny though.


In Keeping

The “bandar-log” scream and cry for me to let them out of the cages I’ve locked them in. Naaa. What would the “obezyanka nol” do if I let them out? The same thing they’ve been doing for the past three years? The same thing they do right now? Nothing but scream infuriated retardedness at the air? They stay dormant, but their mouths never stop moving. Quick with the lip and dumb as shit. A pitiful never-ending ratchet scene.

I Choose Me

Some people try to warn or defend me against other people, when they themselves are the worst. One side points at and insults the other, bragging about who’s better, like angry children, when both sides suck. They believe they have so much to offer me when all they’ve given me is grief. I don’t fancy either one best. I believe I’m the best.

Keep That Madness (Change Your View)

America tells females that they need to change their faces, smiles, and other body parts to be confident, likeable, and successful. That’s bullshit others apparently fall for. I do not, have not, and will not. I don’t think people need to change what they look like. It is unnecessary, pointless. They just need to change their minds and attitudes. People look like who and what they’re supposed to look like upon birth.

The Victor And The Victims

In my eyes, there is no other species more proud of their own ignorance, nothingness, and utter failure. They are a pitiful mess, and they will jeer at anyone they see accomplishing something that makes them feel small in their idle foolishness, anyone who is occupied with doing something that seems to them to be different, difficult, hard work… “white.” Anyone who is enthusiastic about being involved in anything intelligent, noteworthy, and applausible.

They are a combination of intimidated, jealous, cowardly, trifling, and ignorant. And the infantile ignoramuses know exactly who they are because they readily answer to it, they claim it. But they don’t know that it is because of that, that they are pathetic. It’s as old as time. They lose loudly hollering angry idiocy,








Translating Niglatin into English: “You aren’t doing anything but being smart, winning, working, art, writing, teaching, reading.” You know, things intelligent civilized human beings do. And I say, “Yes, I’d hope that that would be all I was doing. That’s what I do and I love it!”

These Misery Monkeys are incredibly critical of and threatened by knowledge and success, and by those doing what they cannot do, or won’t even try to do. They make victims of themselves by whining about someone else doing better than they are, but are too sorry and trifling to take initiative, or take advantage of opportunity. They would much rather be lazy nothing, griping about someone else getting over on them, about someone else winning. They sob about others being better than they are, but never take the chance to better themselves. But them being like this is what makes it so easy for me to dominate. It also makes me very thankful for who and what I am, and for those who raised me to be. Their worthlessness and stupidity makes me so grateful for my properly functioning brain and my accomplishments, my victories. I truly believe that Misery Monkeys exist in life for people like myself, as a prime example of what not to ever do or be.

No Kill Joys

No, I don’t care whether they show up or not. I’m still going to enjoy myself and be happy while doing what I love, around those I admire and can relate to. What I don’t want is for them to be able to cry to me and to others about me being secretive, unsociable, and snooty. Though I know they’ll whine either way, being they have nothing else to do, I don’t want them to be able to blame me for their hypocrisy, cowardice, and insecurity. Some, I simply do not care whether they know what I’m doing or not, because I don’t want them around me being predictably pissy.